Les singularités du pluriel

Marie-Louise Pelus-Kaplan ; Gabrielle Chomentowski ; Madalina Vartejanu-Joubert.
For its second thematic Issue, the Review Sociétés plurielles has chosen to deal about the Epistemologies of the Plural, which can be different according to the different Branches of Learning. Six Articles, dealing with various Topics, have been selected, appealing to Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, visual Arts, and Sciences of Information and Communication. The Authors are questioning the Duality Singular/Plural or Similar/Different at the University, in the Enterprise or in the rural World, in the Objects of cultural Consumption as well as in the Field of contemporary Photography, or in the Typology developed in early XXth Century Anthropology. All of them deal with the Question of the Plural in our Societies with their own Tools and Problematics.

Projet scientifique et description de la revue Sociétés plurielles

Marie-Louise Pelus-Kaplan ; Gabrielle Chomentowski ; Liliane Crips ; Madalina Vartejanu-Joubert.
The Journal “Sociétés Plurielles” is part of the homonymous Interdisciplinary Research Programme whose aim is to approach the fundamental topic of plurality and pluralism by creatively associating humanities and social sciences. “Sociétés Plurielles” is an academic journal publishing, in thematic or Varia issues, papers showing a strong interdisciplinary commitment. When preparing the inaugural issue, in 2015, the editorial board had to face the tragic events that occurred in France at that time, mainly the attacks against Charlie Hebdo and against the kosher store at Porte de Vincennes. Those circumstances led us to interrogate, on an epistemological as well as methodological level, the very place of the “event” in the social and human sciences. The present volume gathers together historians, sociologists, geographers and political scientists who address this question through several and specific case studies.