Vincenzo Cicchelli ; Sylvie Octobre - For a Cosmopolitan Approach of Globalization

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For a Cosmopolitan Approach of GlobalizationArticle

Authors: Vincenzo Cicchelli 1; Sylvie Octobre 2

Cosmopolitanism has a long and cyclic history. Often referred to as ‘neo cosmopolitanism», its use in the current context raises a number of difficulties, both conceptual and methodological. However, by rephrasing ancient philosophical frames in sociological terms, this perspective offers a new evaluation grid for specific globalization processes, that avoids mere economistic views, providing insights regarding changes in the political, ethical, cultural and aesthetical dimensions of the link to otherness in a global world. Taking part in the «cosmopolitan turn» – which supposes new concepts and methodological tools – we propose a theoretical frame based on three scales of analysis: the dynamics of cosmopolitan culture, the institutions ofcosmopolitan governance, the processes of cosmopolitan socialization.

Volume: Épistémologies du pluriel
Section: Articles
Published on: February 1, 2018
Accepted on: February 1, 2018
Submitted on: January 31, 2018
Keywords: globalization,cosmopolitanism,imaginaries,socialization,governance,human rights,globalización, cosmopolitismo, cultura, imaginarios, socialización, gobernanza, derechos humanos.,cosmopolitisme,culture,imaginaires,socialisation,gouvernance,droits humains,globalisation,[SHS.SOCIO] Humanities and Social Sciences/Sociology

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