Elise Roche - Village for social inclusion: a territorial event?

societes-plurielles:3666 - Sociétés plurielles, May 19, 2017, Humanities and social sciences to the test of the event - https://doi.org/10.46298/societes-plurielles.2017.3666
Village for social inclusion: a territorial event?Article

Authors: Elise Roche 1

The event is a regular topic of history and sociology. Crossing historic field and social geography, we suggest the concept of « territorial event ». This article examines how the spatial approach could improve the concept of event, exceeding the time or media analysis approach. This study is focused on two specific housing projects for Roma, named « Village for social inclusion » and both located in Saint-Denis (93). Roma people live specific social difficulties, because of their migratory status. Characteristics of « territorial event » are in number of three: (1) the new territorial structure bring out surprise and a lack of comprehension; (2) the event is established as “event” for specific actors and specific scale: it depends of the context and it allows to detect several territorial and historical structures; (3) the shortage in the structure of territory: it will be different before and after the territorial event.

Volume: Humanities and social sciences to the test of the event
Section: Articles
Published on: May 19, 2017
Accepted on: May 19, 2017
Submitted on: May 19, 2017
Keywords: slums,Territorial event,village for social inclusion,social geography,Saint-Denis,specific housing projects,urban policy,bidonvilles,Événement territorial,géographie sociale,logement spécifique,village d’insertion,politique urbaine,Evento territoriale, “villaggio per l’integrazione”, geografia sociale, Saint-Denis, alloggio specifico , politica urbana , campi nomadi,[SHS.SOCIO] Humanities and Social Sciences/Sociology

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