Nagisa Mitsushima - The Institutions of Stupor. Review of Event Sociologies

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The Institutions of Stupor. Review of Event SociologiesArticle

Authors: Nagisa Mitsushima 1

  • 1 Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique

“The institutions of stupor. Review of event sociologies”. This article argues that events, deemed to be defined through the scope of contingency and disruption, are actually tied to a strong institutional framework that greatly constrains what could be done and said during the event. A literature review shows that social sciences should take better account of historical and conventional dimensions of events. By putting forward proposals to study the infrastructure of events, the article’s goal is to specify a complementary analysis of the object "event", through the prism of historical sociology and sociology of institutions.

Volume: Humanities and social sciences to the test of the event
Section: Articles
Published on: May 19, 2017
Accepted on: May 19, 2017
Submitted on: May 19, 2017
Keywords: events mobilizations,institutions,roles,events repertoires,sentimental rules,conventional emotions,event,sociology,political science,political break,social change,cognitive disruption,situation, emociones convencionales, ruptura de la inteligibilidad, cambio social, ruptura política, ciencia política, sociología política,Evento, movilizaciones, situacionismo, roles, instituciones, repertorio de eventos, reglas sentimentales,science politique,sociologie politique,événement,rupture politique ,émotions conventionnelles,règles sentimentales , répertoires évènementiels ,mobilisations,évènementialisation,approche situationniste,rupture d’intelligibilité,changement social,[SHS.SOCIO] Humanities and Social Sciences/Sociology

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